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Nuaire Flatmaster
Cure condensation dampness and remove allergens and pollutants from the home with the low-energy ventilation system, from the inventors of PIV. The Nuaire Flatmaster 2000 offers a low-cost, whole home ventilation with additional heating (option) for homes without lofts. The Nuaire Flatmaster Units are the cheapest "Supply and Fit price" in the UK at £690.00 + VAT non Heated or £780.00 + VAT Heated.  
Nuaire Drimaster
Our positive input ventilation systems will eliminate all toxic black mould and air induced dampne The Nuaire Drimaster system offers cost-effective, whole home ventilation for two and three story homes with lofts. The Nuaire Drimaster offers a low-cost, whole home ventilation with additional heating (option) the Units are the cheapest "supply and Fit price" in the UK at £690.00 + VAT, heated Units £780.00 + VAT 
Nuaire 365
The Nuaire DRIMASTER 365 offers all year round, cost-effective whole home ventilation with intelligent heat recovery. The originators of Positive Input Ventilation, Nuaire has developed this unique, low energy ventilation system to keep your property condensation free and at the optimum temperature, 356 days a year.
Condensation dampness is more common than you may think particularly in older homes, and as winter sets in and temperature starts to drop many of us will notice the problem Nuaire products control condensation. The range includes Nuaire Flatmaster 2000, Nuaire Drimaster and Nuaire Drimaster 365.

FAQ'S Condensation Control UK 0800 622 6573

What are the units running costs?

The Units cost a few pence a week to run in addition you get free heat from the sun as a bonus. There is even heat coming up from the house that is recycled. Units come with a 5 year manufacturer's guarantee, extendable to 10 years for a small sum.

How long does it take to eliminate the mould formation?

The machine has an immediate effect but allow 14 days to balance the humidity and longer to dry the house out completely. In situations where the render is soaking wet allow 6 months to a year for a completely dry wall.

Are the units quiet?

The units are whisper quiet, the Drimasters are also suspended in the roof to reduce vibration so clearly the answer is yes.

Are they automatic?

The units are electronically controlled. On hot summer days they switch themselves off.

How easy is it to control?

Once set you leave the unit alone. All initial settings are made by pressing one button on the machine, the Drimaster has 6 settings to suit homes up to 5 bedrooms. The humidity can be monitored with a thermo-hygrometer available from us. Both the Flatmasters are Drimasters are set up at the correct settings by our ventilation qualified installers.

Where does the damp air go?

The positive pressure dilutes and forces damp and condensation out of the dwelling, after mass balance calculations by our expert installers.

What power is needed?

Our qualified electricians will determine the safe loading for any appropriate circuit.

Is there any maintenance?

Once installed there is no need to do anything apart for keeping the electric supply on. The machines have a no quibble guarantee for 5 years from the manufacturers. Contact us after 3 years for a filter change. The guarantee can be extended to 10 years for a small charge.

Will the mould go away?

You need to remove the mould after installation with fungicide or dilute bleach. The mould will not return when the condensation is under control. We can offer an onsite mould removal service at a small fee.

What happens if I go on holiday?

You need to take no action if you go on holiday or stay at home, once fitted the unit will perform without your input.

Can anyone fit a PIV unit?

Absolutely not, the unit must be installed by a qualified and trained professional who is both an electrician and BPEC ventilation expert.
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