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Nuaire Flatmaster
Cure condensation dampness and remove allergens and pollutants from the home with the low-energy ventilation system, from the inventors of PIV. The Nuaire Flatmaster 2000 offers a low-cost, whole home ventilation with additional heating (option) for homes without lofts. The Nuaire Flatmaster Units are the cheapest "Supply and Fit price" in the UK at £690.00 + VAT non Heated or £780.00 + VAT Heated.  
Nuaire Drimaster
Our positive input ventilation systems will eliminate all toxic black mould and air induced dampne The Nuaire Drimaster system offers cost-effective, whole home ventilation for two and three story homes with lofts. The Nuaire Drimaster offers a low-cost, whole home ventilation with additional heating (option) the Units are the cheapest "supply and Fit price" in the UK at £690.00 + VAT, heated Units £780.00 + VAT 
Nuaire 365
The Nuaire DRIMASTER 365 offers all year round, cost-effective whole home ventilation with intelligent heat recovery. The originators of Positive Input Ventilation, Nuaire has developed this unique, low energy ventilation system to keep your property condensation free and at the optimum temperature, 356 days a year.
Condensation dampness is more common than you may think particularly in older homes, and as winter sets in and temperature starts to drop many of us will notice the problem Nuaire products control condensation. The range includes Nuaire Flatmaster 2000, Nuaire Drimaster and Nuaire Drimaster 365.

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Nuaire�s innovative strategy named Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) is the UK�s most popular method of low-energy whole home ventilation.

The Nuaire product range can cure condensation dampness and remove pollutants from the home. This can be achieved with the low-energy Drimaster range for homes with lofts, or the compact Flatmaster range for homes without lofts.

Ideal for Retrofit Projects

Easy to install and extremely cost-effective to run, this ventilation strategy will create a fresh and healthy indoor environment, curing condensation dampness and drastically reducing the level of Radon gas, allergens and other pollutants that enter the home.

Cost-effective Ventilation for New Build Projects

Easy to install and extremely cheap to run, these energy-saving systems will help you meet current building regulations and ensure a fresh and healthy indoor environment.

How it works

New houses are being built with better construction methods and are more airtight, which can lead to condensation dampness and poor indoor air quality if adequate ventilation is not provided. The drive towards more energy efficient homes through building fabric combined with the condensation and pollutants generated from every day activities such as washing, cooking, smoking and cleaning can create poor indoor air quality that is damaging the health of the occupants and the building fabric.
New homes are not alone in suffering from poor ventilation. Many older homes are inadequately ventilated, and often the steps we take to better insulate older homes through installing new windows and adding loft insulation can further decrease the natural ventilation. Washing, cooking, cleaning and drying clothes indoors all contribute to the creation of condensation and pollutants in the air.

The Nuaire Drimaster and Nuaire Flatmaster ranges provide whole home ventilation based on the popular Positive Input Ventilation principle. Essentially, the concept is to introduce fresh, filtered air into the dwelling at a continuous rate, encouraging movement of air from inside to outside. To achieve this, the unit is mounted in the loft space (Drimaster) or in the kitchen or hallway (Flatmaster), drawing air through the filters and inputting it into the property.

A property installed unit will ensure that old, contaminated and moisture-laden air in your home is continuously diluted, displaced and replaced with good quality, fresh air. The result is an environment in which condensation dampness cannot exist, and where allergens and pollutants are kept to a minimum.

Both PIV ranges are quick, cost-effective and easy to install, making them an ideal solution for both new build and RMI projects.

Suitable Applications
  • The Nuaire Drimaster range offers whole home ventilation for two and three story homes with lofts.
  • The Nuaire Flatmaster range offers whole home ventilation for homes without lofts and can be used to ventilate cellars and basements. 
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