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Nuaire Flatmaster
Cure condensation dampness and remove allergens and pollutants from the home with the low-energy ventilation system, from the inventors of PIV. The Nuaire Flatmaster 2000 offers a low-cost, whole home ventilation with additional heating (option) for homes without lofts. The Nuaire Flatmaster Units are the cheapest "Supply and Fit price" in the UK at £690.00 + VAT non Heated or £780.00 + VAT Heated.  
Nuaire Drimaster
Our positive input ventilation systems will eliminate all toxic black mould and air induced dampne The Nuaire Drimaster system offers cost-effective, whole home ventilation for two and three story homes with lofts. The Nuaire Drimaster offers a low-cost, whole home ventilation with additional heating (option) the Units are the cheapest "supply and Fit price" in the UK at £690.00 + VAT, heated Units £780.00 + VAT 
Nuaire 365
The Nuaire DRIMASTER 365 offers all year round, cost-effective whole home ventilation with intelligent heat recovery. The originators of Positive Input Ventilation, Nuaire has developed this unique, low energy ventilation system to keep your property condensation free and at the optimum temperature, 356 days a year.
Condensation dampness is more common than you may think particularly in older homes, and as winter sets in and temperature starts to drop many of us will notice the problem Nuaire products control condensation. The range includes Nuaire Flatmaster 2000, Nuaire Drimaster and Nuaire Drimaster 365.

About Us Condensation Control UK 0800 622 6573

Condensation Control UK is a unique service supplying and fitting Nuaire condensation products and Positive Inlet Ventilation (PIV) units across the UK. You can call us Free between 09.00 am - 9.00 pm 7 days a week on 0800 622 6573   

Rising Damp is the most misdiagnosed phenomenal in the building industry and actually a rare occurrence, potentially you could save thousands of pounds and increase air quality in your dwelling by installing our systems. In most cases our units will dry out those situations diagnosed as "Rising Damp" by your local contractor other key benefits include the dispersion of toxic or radon gases and reduced pollen count.
We are unique because we operate on high volume low profit margins providing the consumer with the best possible deal. All our staff have, or are working towards, the industry recognised BPEC qualification in ventilation. Our installation teams are properly qualified electricians.

Member of the public should avoid purchasing ventilation equipment and subsequently having it fitted in their properties by a company or persons who are not qualified to do so. The unit could overload a circuit and cause an electrical fire, affect smoke detection systems or input poisonous fumes from carbon monoxide outlets.

Staff must be suitably qualified to avoid situations described above. Condensation Control UK offers the following training standard:
  1. All installers are qualified.
  2. Our installers have received training by the unit�s manufacturer on exactly where and how to install the unit, taking into consideration mass balance calculations on air flow and displacement.
  3. Have or are working towards BPEC qualifications.
The units described on this website are available to purchase by credit or debit card, bank transfer or cheque posted to head office. You only pay the deposit and the balance is paid directly to the installer on presentation of his invoice. 
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All units carry the manufactures 5 year warranty and addition cover for a further 5 years (10 years total) is available for £29.00 + VAT This is direct from an indemnity company not Nuaire.
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